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Pacent originates from the phrase "Paced Ascent". When I taught 5/6 grade I used to take all of my students to the top of Half Dome each year. Some students (and adults) get a little nervous about climbing to the top. This image is the final climb after 8 miles of hiking. One of the strategies I used to encourage students to make the final push was to change their focus from the top of the rock to the next set of poles. I got approximately 120 kids to the top of Half Dome over the years by focusing on and achieving one set of poles at a time.

At PACENT, we believe the journey of the teacher and student gains focus and clarity when achievable milestones are a consistent part of both the teaching and learning experience. Our program provides a department with milestones and our coaching ensures that teachers and students have the support they need to summit the peak.

Keith Smith

Original co-founder

Pacent Learning Solutions