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Serving students

Common Core


Imagine how students would respond knowing that they will be provided 3 opportunities to demonstrate mastery on every concept, and when they struggle, they will be invited to an intervention lesson targeting their specific needs.

  • Pacent Prescribed Home Support (PHS)
    • Every Pacent concept is supported by a lesson designed to support student learning at home. This lesson includes an overview, a problem set, and full solutions.
  • Three In class attempts on every concept
    • Students learn to use feedback as a tool for improvement, as they are given formal feedback every week, resources and instruction, and another opportunity to demonstrate mastery.
  • Formal intervention
    • Performance based intervention based on student performance data.
    • Targets Specific concepts each week and all students in need are invited.
    • Very structured provides a common service across an entire school.
  • Web Based Digital lessons View examples...
    • Library of traditional lessons and digital lessons all designed to support the weekly objectives.